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While a Zerg army relies more on its sheer numbers and less on technology it doesn't mean that technology choices and decisions are any less important. What it does mean is that your technology decisions should be focused and spread out as you've got to spend most of your income and time on keeping a large mobile army up and in play.

Any major shift in your technology strategy, like from ground to air or Lair to Hive, should really be occurring simultaneously with new base expansions and increased income.

When dealing with biological armies teching to Bannelings or Roaches is the most appropriate play to knock down bio balls with splash damage. The Roach is also one of only a few of your armored units.

Upgrading your ground units armor, attack, and abilities should get you safely into the midgame but you've got to keep scouting and be on the lookout for air from your opponent. If you can sneak an Overlord in for visibility to a corner of their main base then a Nydus drop could end it easily. It usually always pays to have overlords lurking as close as safely possible to your opponent's base(s).

Scourge, Swarm... hell... this is a party

Getting a Spire is the most popular technology path to bring in Mutalisks. Hydralisks are more appropriate anti air (if needed) against a Protoss army with heavy stalkers and air support. Against most other compositions though Mutalisks fair well and help balance your army out well in the mid game.

The biggest mistake though would be not using them! Don't just mass them with your normal army. Once you have 6-12 send them out on their own to poke around the map, scout and attack expansions, or even scout along the rear of your opponent's base and pick off a few workers. Use their speed primarily for visibility and easy soft targets; don't take on any force that will lose you more than 1 or 2 units. Mutalisks are perhaps the best harassment and scout force in the game.

All units and structures are ultimately supported by Creep. One of the best things you can do to support your forces is to spread Creep as often and as far as possible. Get the visisibility and the increased speed to deal with what that visisbilty shows you and you'll have a siginificant technology boost over you opponent.

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