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Economy is where a Zerg player has the advantage in StarCraft 2 and it should be the resource and strategy that is most exploited for domination in the match. You can produce workers from a single Hatchery 3 at a time, something no other race can do. Factoring in the cost of the sacrificed Drone a new Hatchery is still 50 minerals cheaper than any other race and it constructs 20 seconds (game time) faster than a Command Center or Nexus.

A Zerg player should always be ahead in economy which is the balancing factor for having weaker units and slightly fewer technology options.

This also means that you've got to spend your income faster. While on some accounts it seems that this means a Zerg player has to be better at macro management you simply have to consider the functions involved to realize this is not true. It's easier to macro with a Zerg army because every unit is produced from the Hatchery. So all you've really got to do is keep your Queen's Spawn Larva ability active (practice this! get used to constantly cycling between your Queens to always have extra larva spawning) and from a single structure type you amass your army. However, because it is easier and you need more units than your opponent it also means that you have to be just as aggressive in your macro management in order to produce more units in this simplified manner.

Since you can harvest more resources you also want to stay about half a base ahead of your opponent in terms of expanding. Some players will choose to have multiple Hatcheries at their main mineral patch as an early strategy which can be just as rewarding against an early aggressive opponent. This tactic of course isn't sustainable over the long run so spread your Creep to keep up visibility and map control and expand as often as possible.

Combination Spore and Spine Crawlers help protect expansions against cloaked/burrowed attacks and having as little as 3 Roaches or Hydralisks left standing guard can be well worth it.

We've said it until we're blue in the face; the Zerg economy is the pillar atop which you must stand to be victorious as a Zerg player.

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