Zerg Guide

Mid Game

By mid game you should be looking for, or at least planning, your third Hatchery to stay ahead in economy and keep your numbers bolstered.

Similarly you should concern yourself with heavy harassment of your opponent's expansion(s) and be looking to damage their economy as often as possible. If you didn't win the game in the early stages you are now faced with the threat of your opponent amassing a tougher army and greater technology so it's important that you keep the economics well tilted in your favor.

Expand! We must expand!

Teching to Mutalisks is a popular strategy at this stage though large numbers of Bannelings or Roaches can be equally effective if your opponent hasn't taken to the air yet.

While the game can be won at any stage you shouldn't be looking to amass that all-in army just yet. Keep pressure and keep up harassment to pin your opponent into a defensive and rebuilding state. Applying as much pressure to their economy and production structures as possible is more rewarding at this stage for a Zerg player than clashing with their main forces. Use your superior mobility to gain as much map control as possible.

We're not saying the match can't be won at this stage but if it doesn't look like you can win it outright in a single push then we beleive a Zerg player is better off playing to the race's stength which is economy. Lock down the map, secure epxansions, deny their expansions and pester their economy, and what you'll find is that as the game moves into the later stages you'll have a serious production advantage and will be able to quickly mass the swarm for victory.

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