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Late Game

While Brood Lords and Ultralisks are the superior late game Zerg units in StarCraft 2 they should be used cautiously and as innumerous support units only. In fact it is rare to see them in most top level 1v1 play because the might of swarm lies in their numbers and speed, not in their technology.

It goes without saying though that Brood Lords and Corruptors are a deadly combination and should not be a discounted strategy. However, we recommend you continue unit upgrades and add-ons until your base units are maxed and as tough as possible.

Overall map control and resource domination is still the name of the game and as long as you've kept this in your favor continuing this path until you suffocate your opponent will assure victory.

Look for Nydus drops to get your units streaming in as close as possible to your opponent's weak spots. We suggest having multiple Nydus locations strategically placed around the map to keep your army as mobile as possible (and ensure the network isn't completely destroyed) which helps lock down the map while keeping your opponent frustrated. Even just the sound of a Nydus worm dropping can cause your opponent to shift gears and try to find the worm giving you tiny windows of opportunity.

At this point you should have just about the entire suite of production structures completed so that at a moment's notice you can adapt your strategy and counter any units your opponent was hiding or transitioning to. Being flexible and adapative is important for any Zerg player and you should use that to you advantage in the late game. Switch from ground to air and back again always keeping up a high production rate of units.

Which unit should I make next...

Always keep in mind that the swarm was meant to overwhelm, not necessarily overpower, its adversaries in StarCraft 2. If you maintained an economic advantage thus far you should now be able to in fact overwhelm your opponent in sheer numbers and close out the match in the late game.

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