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In StarCraft 2 the might of swarm is the size of the swarm. You've got to out macro your opponents as a Zerg player and you've got to out adapt them. With a single structure addition you can instantly produce 3-19 units made allowable by that structure with larvae from a single Hatchery. This fact means that you can adapt quickly and as a Zerg player you need to.

Any player facing a swarm of Zergling or Roaches is going to build hard counters to those large worrisome numbers you put up. You need to stay one step ahead to ensure your forces are not easily wiped out. Zerg units are weak by comparison so adapting to your opponent's counters is crucial.

Perhaps the most vital ability in the entire Zerg race is Sapwn Larva from a Queen. You've got to have one Queen at every Hatchery assigned to a unique control group so you can constantly cycle through and keep your larva production as high as possible. Alternatively you can have every Queen in a single control group and use the mini map to inject larvae. The third strategy is the backspace method where you have every Queen in a control group, select the control group, select the Spawn Larva ability, and then while holding the right shift key you click backspace (to center over each Hatchery) and click the left mouse button to cast in rapid succession. Without this ability being constantly cast you just can reach the unit numbers you need to be successful.

That enough Creep?

Keep up on Creep spread as much as possible. The extra speed that Zerg units gain on Creep can be of tremendous benefit when you successfully defend an attack by your opponent and then chase them out of your base picking off additional units with your speed advantage.

Creep plays a vital role in positioning as well as speed. With the additional visibility you can position your army at more distant choke points and with the additional speed you can respond faster to your opponent flanking opposing positions. Don't forget to keep the Creep constantly spreading.

Hopefully the point has been well driven home at this stage in the strategy guide: Strength lies in numbers and numbers lie in economy. Zerg units are just weaker by comparison and the balance in that is in having more of them than your opponent. So don't stop making drones, have more Hatcheries than your opponent has expansions, keep up on larva production, and build the biggest damn army you can.

We'll close it on the most important game pillar for the Zerg race; Economy. Next>>>

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