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Wings of Liberty Walkthrough - Brutal Difficulty

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Welcome to our Wings of Libtery Campaign Walkthrough for StarCraft 2. Since SC2Strat.Net launched well after the launch of the Wings of Liberty Campaign we didn't see alot of value in creating our own videos for a campaign strategy walkthrough. It has been done by countless other folks and plenty of resources are out there. So we scrounged around YouTube looking for a good set to post here. We wanted it to be Brutal difficulty, a complete set from a single caster/YouTuber, and generally well done. We settled on Cromar's set because it met those requirements. Unfortunately they are not in high def and he does not get every achievment. However, we looked at tons of other walkthroughs and he makes up for both of those aspects by having good commentary, completeing every single mission on Brutal, and generally providing quality content. Show your support and subscribe to his channel if you like the walkthrough.

One other point of note is the way we organized the missions. We laid out the navigation in terms of each person's set of missions that are introduced to the game. Raynor brings us the Mar Sara missions, Hanson brings us the Colonist missions, Tychus the Artifact missions, Tosh the Covert missions, Horner the Rebellion missions, Zeratul the Prophecy missions, and Valerian the Final missions. Since Wings of Liberty does not force you to do the missions in a specific order, though many missions certainly have prerequisites, it's impossible to say that a specific mission is "mission #9" and another "#10". Our layout is certainly not chronological and you will play some missions lower in the navigation before ones higher in the navigation. However, we felt this grouping appropriate and hope it makes sense in the end. You'll notice that Cromar assigns mission numbers for the chronological order he completed them, in the YouTube video titles, and this order works well due to the interval you receive upgrades and unlock units at.

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