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When you consider the 3 pillars of StarCraft 2 gameplay are Economy, Army, and Technology you have to know where each race can exploit one of those pillars to its ultimate advantage. The Terran race has the greatest technology options available to it and this is where you can ultimately edge out your opponents who can keep pace or outpace you in economy or army. This means being well rounded and investing in the right structures and upgrades to acheive the superior technology.

All things being even you're not going to out mass or macro a Zerg player and you're not going to out strike a Protoss army. Consider if you were just producing SCVs and Marines to a Zerg player's Drones and Zerglings. They will always have more Zerglings than you have marines and will quickly start to have more minerals. You can go toe to toe with Marauders versus Stalkers but soon as they throw in a couple Colossus you're in dire straits because those same Stalkers can knock down any Vikings you try and counter with. You've got to use your technology capabilities to your advantage at some point during the game.

Medivacs are the superior drop unit able to heal the units they sneak in to do even greater damage than they would alone.

A supporting Mothership aside, Banshees are the only cloaked air unit that can harass and do significant damage, potentially unchallenged, from all angles with high mobility to help control the map.

Siege Tanks, if properly supported, can force your opponent to switch from a ground strategy to an air strategy creating a pivotal window of lessened production that you can capitalize on.

Ghosts can shut down Infestors or tank Protoss shields and abilities and then cloak and drop a nuke on whatever's left.

Vikings can take out a fleet of Voids, Brood Lords, or Battlecruisers and then land to rip up workers and structures.

The list goes on and so should your willingness to adapt, adjust, and ensure you have the greatest technology on the battlefield. A Terran player has the most specialized units at their disposal and whatever your build is you should always be ready to adjust your technology as needed to capitalize on every situation.

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