Terran Guide


Hopefully you enjoyed the strategy guide. Please know that a guide must be high level in most regards because once you start getting into the weeds too much you're being too specific, you'll lose your audience, and it's not the mission. The point was to get you to think about the Terran race differently, at a high level, so you can go out there and make the critical, moment to moment, game changing decisions yourself. If you want details then by all means check out our Builds and check out our Replays where we've got plenty of details and strategies for you to employ.

For this SC2Strat.Net team member Terran is my favorite race in StarCraft 2. I love the versatility, options, and characters and I'm a nerd for the storyline and plight of the human race. If nothing else hopefully we gave you a little extra respect for the race and some new ideas that can make playing Terran that much more fun.

Thanks for reading!