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There's not a whole lot more to cover on Economy that wasn't discussed in the N00B Strategy Guide or Intermediate Strategy Guide. However, specific to Terran there are some unique economy characteristics to keep in mind. M.U.L.E.s and Bunkers provide economic advantages not available to other races.


Where Protoss can Chrono Boost the production of Probes and Zerg can crank out 3 plus Drones at once it is critical that Terran players are dropping M.U.L.E.s the moment they have 50 energy available at any given Orbital Command Center.

Unless an expansion is critical and distant and necessitates a Planetary Fortress add-on for protection you should always upgrade to an Orbital Command Center. The ability to drop M.U.L.E.s (and the on-the-fly detection capability of course) is critical to your economy so watch your energy, keep all your Orbital Commands in a control group, and drop M.U.L.E.s as often as possible saving energy for scans only if you need them for detection.

Using Scans for scouting is bush leauge... go scout like a man :P


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Bunkers assist in Terran economics within StarCraft 2 in two ways. They are a great structure for protecting expansions; particularly early in the game when units are scarce or when attempting to fast expand.

They can also be repaired while being attacked extending their usefulness while the units inside continue to do damage to attacking forces.

Placing them strategically is crucial. You don't necessarily want them out front taking on intruding forces head on. You want them tight in and close to your base to be able to quickly divert some SCVs to repair as needed. When protecting a natural expansion you want to actually position them in between your main base ramp and the expansion Command Center if possible to protect both your ramp and the new Command Center.

Keep in mind your units have increased range inside the bunker as well.

The other economical advantage of bunkers is that you can salvage them for 75% of their cost.

The Terran Bunker is currently the only structure in the game that can be salvaged making them an important defensive structure to both protect your economy as you expand as well as reclaim some of your resources when you no longer need to bunker. This makes them incredibly economical to deploy while substantially bolstering your defensive capabilities.

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