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Mid Game

As a good Zerg player will have a very strong economy by midgame and Protoss army deathballs grow and become exponentially tougher to combat you need to keep expanding and keep those expansions secure. While it makes sense to upgrade an easily protected natural expansion to an Orbital Command Center for the ability to scan and drop M.U.L.E.s you have to weigh the positioning of other expansions and mobility of your army to defend them.

Planetary Fortresses are a nice Terran advantage as no other base structures in StarCraft 2 can attack incoming ground units. Combined with Missle Turrets you can have an efficient self-protecting expansion. With SCVs right there to repair your Command Center the Planetary Fortress add-on can be a formidable opponent.

Bottom line is that a Terran player cannot afford to get behind in economy in the mid game and your expansions need to be well protected into the late game.

Best of both worlds???

If you're sticking with a biological build strategy, such as MMM, for the midgame you need to ensure that you've been upgrading early and aggressively. By mid game you should be at +2, +2 if not fully upgraded. This means that you have dual Engineering Bays and are researching attack and armor simultaneously.

Similarly you should have all 3 upgrades (Stim Packs, Concusive Shells, Shields; in that order) from the Barracks Tech Lab prior to even entering the midgame as they are critical early on and imperative in the mid game (particularly Stim Packs) for sticking with a biological composition.

If you're going with a Factory or Starport build strategy, upgrades from your Armory(ies) are also critical to keep pace in the midgame. The Terran race has a technology advantage over other races so as the game progresses you should be looking at different units and associated technology upgrades to outpace your opponent.

As you should have a basic foundation of all primary production structures built by the mid game don't be afraid to switch up your composition to remain the superior technology force in the game. Switch to Ghosts if you need them. Bring in Banshees to hard counter ground only units. Don't ever feel like your solely invested in just a couple unit types and use the whole library available to you.

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