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Late Game

The two superior Terran tier 3 units in StarCraft 2 are Thors and Battlecruisers. While we're not suggesting a complete shift to these units they should start to be mixed in with your current army composition as the game gets into the later stages.

You should make the decision to incorporate one or the other based on upgrades already purchased and of course in response to your opponent's army composition. Since either can attack air and ground they're both versatile tier 3 units.

Battlecruisers tend to get a lot of flak for being an inferior unit but we don't believe you should buy into that hype. They'll rip against higher tiered units that can't fight back like Colossus, Brood Lords, and Ultralisks and they'll also decimate Thors and overpower Carriers.

The Yamato Cannon upgrade is well worth the cost delivering 300 damage in one blast along with improved range allowing you to one-shot Missle Turrets and Photon Cannons outside of their own respective ranges.

Battlecruisers don't fare as well against masses of lower tiered air or ground units though so they're best used as a support unit as on their own they can get pretty beat up.

Who wanna test?

Banshees are good air units early on but are weak by comparison if revealed or uncloaked and aren't a go-to unit in the late game. Vikings are your superior anti-air unit with good range and decent speed and with attached Reactors on your Starports they can be produced fairly quickly.

Ravens are a must when facing an opponent with cloaked units and their Point Defense Drone is a great shield against Stalkers, Hydralisks, Marauders, Vikings, or other units. The Raven's Auto Turret is a great harassment tool when dropped on enemy mineral lines and clusters of them can even take down distant expansions in the late game. A single auto turret can actually take out base but you need about 5 to get it done in any sort of reasonable time.

Thors are simply a strong unit to transition to overall and especially if you've gotten some armory upgrades for Siege Tanks or Hellions earlier on. If your opponent is massing Mutalisks Thors are a must. They're a good followup to a biological build because your opponent has likely adjusted to your bio play strategy thus far with units that do splash damage or have an area of effect attack to which the armored Thor has much more resistance against.

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