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With any race you want to build an army that is most effective against your opponent's army composition.

You also want to think of your build in terms of minerals and gas. What units do I need and how much gas do they cost? Once you understand that you need to then balance your army with mineral only (or gas minimal) units such as Marines, Hellions, or Marauders to keep your production as high as possible.

Most often a Terran player will spend surplus minerals on upgraded Marines. So keep enough Barracks around to be able to supplment Marines and burn those extra minerals.

Knowing you want a build that effectively counters your opponent's army and spends your minerals wisely the only other high level advice we have here that is specific to a Terran player (please see our other guides and the Army Composition advice offered there) is to be mindful of your support units and be sure you're including them in your army.

Particularly that your including Medivacs for bio armies and SCVs (or on-the-fly M.U.L.E.s) for a mechanical army. Other races can regenerate and heal themselves but a Terran army relies on other supporting units to achieve that overall balance.

As you clash with your opponent their units will begin to auto-recover while yours will not creating an immediate disadvantage. Your damaged units are still consuming supply and yet may be all but dead. Having repair units is crucial.

Ravens are the only other support unit of consequence offering detection, defense, and potentially huge offensive characteristics and every Terran army would be wise to have at least one Raven in the air.

These Marines and Hellions are going all the way!

Terran have some of the best Technology in StarCraft 2 so use it, and use it wisely. Next>>>

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