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You and your teammates need to have carefully planned and well thought out strategies for when and where you'll push out your armies.

Right up front you should be agreeing on when your first timed push will occur. A rush strategy could happen anywhere from 4-7 minutes in which you should all be focusing on tier 1 unit production. Perhaps there are certain unit types you want to wait on before moving out sometime after that but you should still be picking a specific game time (FYI, you can show the Game Timer by going to Menu > Options > Gamplay) that everyone is working towards.

Whatever the time is make sure there's a consensus and when that times comes make sure people are on point. You don't want anything less than 100% of all your teammates marching in to face 100% of the opposing team.

You go high, I'll go low, and together we'll flank em

Whenever you can flank your opponents in StarCraft 2 it is advised to go ahead and do so. Maps like Extinction and Outpost (for attacking natural expansions) lend themselves well to a flanked attack with 2 teams on each side. Same goes for the 3v3 map Dig Site.

Getting too many units bundled up on any single choke point can have an equally adverse effect as it could be a beneficial strategy. If you have the right units with longer range you can do well in a crowded choke. Spreading your armies out for multiple simultaneous attacks however, particularly if you're all flanking on a single position, can both catch your opponent off guard as well as ensure you're not caught off balance against stationary defensive structures or other well-placed defensive units.

You should also be assisting each other in simply pushing out to your own choke points to secure protection for each other's natural expansions. If you see a teammate grab an expansion you should be moving your army out in tandem with theirs to help them defend it, or more appropriately post up at the nearest choke to help defend the whole area.

Once again, be communicative with your teammates and make sure they're in alignment with the appropriate positioning of everyone's units for everyone's benefit; no one should be selfish.

We've pushed out, we've contained, we've secured our own choke points and expansions, now lets attack! Next>>>

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