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Player Roles

You likely won't be using your same basic 1v1 builds and strategies in the team arena. You've got up to 3 additional armies at your disposal and you should each be playing certain roles in the progression of the match.

This does not mean that you start out locked into massing one or two unit types or that one or more players go ground while the other(s) goes air. You can still formulate each of your basic openers but just like any other match you should be scouting, responding, and adapting to what your opponent is doing.

Race Based Strategies

Certain races in StarCraft 2 lend themselves to certain roles within a team game. The basic roles we'll discuss are offense, defense, harassment, containment, technology, and economy.

Forget for a second about the basic strategy to either rush your opponent or tech up for the midgame because you should be prepared to execute, defend, or exploit either of those strategies at the start of any game. What we're talking about here are the roles that people should take up regardless of your overarching strategy. Because you have more people to work with you can start to sectionalize different facets of your overall strategy to individuals for the benefit of the whole team.


Think I'll snipe these last Probes right quick and get the hell outta here...

Particularly in 3v3 and 4v4 having at least one person harass early and constantly serves two key purposes. It keeps your opponents contained and defensive and it serves as a constant scout of what they're up to. Having a Zerg player (Zerglings, burrowed Roaches, Mutas, etc.) or some Reapers take on this role is advised.


While this is largely map dependent you should have someone, at least a portion of their resources, available to pick off any single person who might try and attack while your larger armies are pushing out.

Have a Protoss player with pylons in each base to warp to can allow you to get some strong units in at a moment's notice. Otherwise a mobile force of Zerlings, Mutas, or cloaked Banshees can serve this purpose well.


Offense is everyone's responsibility. Unless you're stomping a single expansion or poking in and darting out quickly you should never move alone. Expect your opponent to defend any given base as an entire team and thusly you should be attacking as an entire team. That being said, an important part of attacking is your ability to contain.


There's an entire section on Containing later in the guide that discusses the topic in greater detail but in essence it's your ability to keep your opponent contained from expanding while also enabling your own ability to expand. Any given map will have 1-4 main choke points and many more key pressure spots by your opponents' ramp(s).

Moving on these early to contain your opponent from expanding and enabling your own forces to expand is key. Siege tanks or Colossi each protected by Stalkers, Marines, or other units are great units for this job.


If your overall team strategy is to amass the greater technology in the match then you'd be wise to have a member of your team solely focused on teching up faster and stronger than the rest of the field. This person will need assistance in defense and opposed to trying to rush in if they get attacked units should be pre-staged by other teammates to provide additional defense for this person.

Any additional income should be shared with this person since you've essentially staked them to be the driving force in your attack. It's preferential that this person's position on the map be removed from edge or forward base areas likely to be attacked first.

Protoss and Terran have the greatest technology options available to them and are good choices for the job.


Resource sharing is a major tool that should be utilized in just about every team game. As people get knocked down and need to rebuild or are trying to tech up quickly feeding them resources can be essential to your team's overall success.

Likewise, if a person's army and production structures get wiped out but they still have income coming in it should be highly considered that this person strictly feed other players minerals and gas as needed. Rebuilding is not only costly but time consuming and so deciding instead to funnel those resources to players who can utilize them quickly is often the better call.

As an overall game strategy you may elect to have a Zerg player with a strong economy feed other players while strictly maintaining minimal units for defensive delay purposes. For another player that can handle the macro of substantially increased income this can be a definite advantage.

Player 4, you may have 250 minerals and 250 gas... in exchange for your soul! ... or just an extra Void Ray is cool I spose.

Having a well-balanced army in a team game is crucial and no single person needs to achieve that independently. As teammates you need to achieve it collectively with each person playing one more important roles. Your units should not just complement each other but provide support for many of the aforementioned roles. If you become too heavy in certain unit types and abilities it is not just easier for your opponent to counter but you'll be leaving gaps in offense and map control as well.

Let's talk about the fine art of containment. Next>>>

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