Team Guide


Was it good for you? It was good for us. Hopefully we've shined a wee bit of perspective on the differences between 1v1 and a team game in StarCraft 2. There's a lot more people on the battlefield on both sides and with that comes a different way of thinking and different strategies. Get some banter going, know what your teammates are up to and how they can support you. Return that in kind by supporting them as proactively as possible. Move together and with luck you'll win together. You've got to open your eyes up to what everyone else is doing around you. Adapt to complement your allies and you won't have to adapt to 2 to 4 opposing armies all on your own.

Like we say, if nothing else we hope this strategy guide just makes things a little more fun out there. Team games are a lot of fun because of the sheer size of the maps and battles so keep that in mind above all else and enjoy yourself.

Thanks for reading!