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You've got 2 to 4 times the scouting resources and thusly there's no excuse for not knowing about your opponent taking up an expansion or securing a Xel'Naga Tower. Keep several scouts on the move or park them near likely expansions, or crucial gold expansions, that your opponent is likely to take up. Know when they expand and you can decide quickly if you have the units to stomp it and if the position is far enough removed that they can't easily defend it.

Your own team should have a strategy for which expansions and areas of the map you'll be securing.

Some maps are more direct where it only makes sense to move into natural expansions and nearby resources. Other maps however are more circular and you and your teammates should secure expansions in a neighborly pattern so that you can defend them together. This also ensures that you gain control of a contiguous section of the map which is more powerful in terms of visibility and allows you to continue to organically grow your control of the map.

Knowing when and how to push your forces out makes a big difference when coordinating attacks in StarCraft 2 team matches Next

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