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Generally speaking it is a bad strategy to try and fast expand in a StarCraft 2 team game. You've already got 2x to 4x the resources when you consider your teammates and trying to get an early economic boost by fast expanding is often too detrimental to your army production to be worth it.

Sure, you might get away with it but generally you'll find yourself at a loss from an attacking set of armies in far greater numbers when you sacrifice your own production for the fast expansion.

It was covered briefly before but the other important thing to remember is that you have the additional feature of resource sharing in team play. So help each other out. If you need an extra 100 gas to crank out a few extra units before an upcoming push speak up and request it and always help each other out when you can. If you lose most of your production structures but still have healthy income coming in look to feed your teammates as opposed to rebuilding. Of course they need to be able to quickly utilize those resource and mobilize to defend your mining efforts but often times feeding resources to your teammates in these situations is a better use of them than rebuilding production structures; at least in the short term.

You should also consider the strategy of designating a person to play the role of a miner and feed their resources to other players allowing those players to focus more on production and supply upkeep thusly massing their armies faster than the opponent. While this tactic carries some risk in the long term it can be quite devastating in the short game.

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