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An important StarCraft 2 team strategy is the art of containment. Consider using your first push not as a direct attack but rather as a forward staging of your armies to seal in your opponent.

While this works on most maps it will not work on all. As an example it doesn't work as well on the single base 4v4 maps Sand Canyon and Toxic Slums where each base is on an individual platform and there are multiple paths around every choke.

Basically the goal is to take a forward position and keep your opponent isolated to their main base, and maybe their natural expansion, while you secure your own expansions and gain an economic and army advantage.

Look for map choke points that allow you to control major traffic lanes and severely or completely limit your opponent's ability to maneuver their army. Set up camp in these areas and start to lock down the map.

Siege Tanks are ideal for this tactic though any area of effect unit should serve well. Make sure these key units have their own protection by supporting units to fight off close ground attacks or air attacks from your opponents.

Go ahead... come on down!

Once you've got your opponent walled in you should get your own expansions to now secure the economic advantage and army advantage that comes with it. If they do attack your forward forces hopefully your area of effect units will win the battle for you as intended. If that's the case then you need to quickly decide if you need to reinforce your containment units for continued holdout and resource domination or if it's now time to take whatever forces you have left and push into their main base for the win. Some quick scouting should help you make this decision easily.

Whether you can contain your opponent or not, your map control strategy is a huge part of a team game. Next>>>

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