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Pay attention bitches, I've been doing this longer than you

It seems obvious but communication is first and foremost and cannot be stressed enough. There is nothing solo about a team game in StarCraft 2. You're not going to win it by yourself and neither are your teammates. You've got to be talking, planning, and strategizing together. Whatever useful information you gather needs to be shared and if you notice something going on from the opposing team speak up, ping the map, and shout at your teammates!

If you're playing with a randomly selected team speak up at the start of the match and get people talking. Some people are just introverts and don't say much or anything at all. These people will be your team's folly so get after them and get them communicating.

Watch your neighbors' backs and speak up when you see trouble incoming. You're likely going to be attacked by several players or the whole opposing team at once and you need to thusly defend in that same manner. This can only happen by being vigilant and in constant communication with each other. If you want to move out or secure a position you need to let your teammates know so they can watch your back and assist as needed.

The easiest way for the other team to catch your team off guard and without reponse is by being silent. So chat it up, help your peers, and expect the same in return.

On the flip side we're talking about communication here, not marching orders. Don't be a dick; no one likes to be told what to do or what they're doing wrong. So be polite and gently prod those that need it and you'll find your overall team environment much more pleasant and successful.

A team game means everyone can wear different hats, player roles is up... Next>>>

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