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As has been stated before don't go out solo and think you'll have any measure of success defeating your opponents. Move out together and use your combined forces to gang up on a single person, or single base, and eliminate that player from the running. This strategy element is so key.

Maps like Lava Flow, Sand Canyon, Toxic Slums, just about every 3v3 map and most 2v2 maps in StarCraft 2 have each player's main base on sectionalized platforms and areas. You should be trying to pick off one person at a time with your combined forces. These same maps are ideal for rushes for this same reason. If everyone quickly masses tier 1 units and gangs up on a single player from the opposing team that player and their resources can typically be quickly eliminated from the match which is a sizeable advantage to your team; just make sure your team is the first to rush.

The family of Stalkers that attacks together, stays together

In 4v4 or 3v3 you may also want to split your attacks to n - 1 with the remainder hitting the opposite side of the map at a delay.

Take for example a 4v4 match. If everyone rushes and 3 players attack the left most player on the map then those 3 players can likely eliminate, or certainly severely damage that single player on their own. As the other 3 players on the opposition move in to support the first victim the 4th player on your team can move in on the right most base on the map which will likely be unguarded and vulnerable. This strategy can quickly cripple 50% plus of the opposing structures and units.

The way you attack, and defend for that matter, always depends on the map. If you're confident you can spot any counter or simultaneous attacks from your opponent then you're safer at moving the majority of your forces in against your opponent. If not, you'll want to have some forces left behind, or perhaps just resources to warp in units, to deal with or at least delay any sort of counter aggression strategy.

Some maps in StarCraft 2 bundle bases together while other maps have them separate and isolated. Gauge this and always attack with greater numbers when possible. Distance to your opponent also plays a major role in how you organize your forces for the attack. Adjust to each and every map when deciding where and when to attack.

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