Strat Casts

Here you will find replays, strategy casted by SC2Strat.Net staff. We collect these from various sources and players and commentate the battles we think are desearving. We aim to primarily host strategy videos as opposed to just great games. In fact, some of the games we post can be fairly one-sided. We disect each matchup and decisions players make during the game in attempt to highlight points in the match where a good decision, or a poor decision was made. We then talk about the strategy behind these decisions and what led the player to victory or failure.

On occassion we might simply post videos of epic battles between two or more desearving players but in general we'll keep it to videos you can actually learn something from.

If you have a replay you'd like to see us cast please contact us with a brief description, the player's names, and what league(s) the matchup was in.

One Nydus to Rule Them All

PvZ - 1v1 - Shakuras Plateau

Check out how to overcome solid Terran Mech play as a Zerg

Zerg Tech and Deny Expansion

PvZ - 1v1 - The Shattered Temple

Thou shall tech quicky and deny thine opponent's expansion

Forcefields and Infestors

ZvP - 1v1 - Metalopolis

Strat Cast highlighting the power of Forcefields and conversely the power of the Zerg economy

Macro Mechanics

PvZ - 1v1 - MLG Metalopolis

EGIdrA and oGsMC go at it in the match showcasing what a strong macro game looks like and how to execute it

Spawn Larvae

Learn the various methods for quickly spawning larvae with multiple Queens across multiple Hatcheries

Hatch Attack!

ZTTTvTZZZ - 4v4 - Deadlock Ridge

Hatcheries in yo base sucka!

Come On In

PvT - 1v1 - Shattered Temple

Positioning is everything. In this Strat Cast we see some beautiful unit positioning and angles from the Protoss player.

Spine Crawler Contain

PPZTvZZPT - 4v4 - District 10

Zerg team strategy where the Zerg opponent is able to spread creep and secure the main ramp of the opponent with Spine Crawlers.

TvZ Ghosts

TvZ - 1v1 - Metaloplis

Grand Masters vs. Masters in a truly epic game highlighting some very nice Ghost play.


TvT - 1v1 - Metaloplis

Siege Tank perfection!

+1 and Proxy Pylons FTW

PvZ - 1v1 - Xel'Naga Caverns

Strategy video showing a modified 4 Gate with +1 attack and good use of proxy pylons.

2v2 Becomes 1v2

TPvZP - 2v2 - Tempest

Strategy video showcasing that even when you lose a teammate in a 2v2 game there are things you can do to adapt to the situation and overcome it.