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No StarCraft 2 guide in and of itself can make you a better player and anyone or any site that claims differently is feeding you a line of bulls**t. No guide is absolute nor can it offer every detail or cover every situation that you're going to face in the game.

What a good guide should do is provide you direction. It should provide you advice that is only beneficial if the reader takes the time to really digest what is being presented and apply it in a thoughtful manner. What's exciting about real time strategy games is the constant and rapid nature in which the environment can change forcing you to change along with it or be left behind. So read the words we worked hard to put together here with that in mind and always be willing to adapt and evolve your gameplay as necessary.

We're not perfect either, so if you've got some advice of your own, think we should add, change, or delete something, please let us know and we'll keep these guides the best free resource for StarCraft 2 strategy on the net.


In this strategy guide we'll discuss the Terran race and how to effectively use the units and technology available to a Terran player to build a fierce army and employ superior strategy in StarCraft 2.

As with any of the guides on SC2Strat.Net these are not exact playbooks. There is no single strategy or even set of strategies that can win you every match every time. What we're exploring here are the options, best practices, and things to watch for and consider to improve your play with the Terran race.

First up lets take a look at some opening build strategies. Next>>>