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No StarCraft 2 guide in and of itself can make you a better player and anyone or any site that claims differently is feeding you a line of bulls**t. No guide is absolute nor can it offer every detail or cover every situation that you're going to face in the game.

What a good guide should do is provide you direction. It should provide you advice that is only beneficial if the reader takes the time to really digest what is being presented and apply it in a thoughtful manner. What's exciting about real time strategy games is the constant and rapid nature in which the environment can change forcing you to change along with it or be left behind. So read the words we worked hard to put together here with that in mind and always be willing to adapt and evolve your gameplay as necessary.

We're not perfect either, so if you've got some advice of your own, think we should add, change, or delete something, please let us know and we'll keep these guides the best free resource for StarCraft 2 strategy on the net.


So you wanna play with the big boys, huh? Well hopefully this guide gives you some additional strategy elements to consider and go out and work on to refine your game and improve your play. If you jumped straigt to this guide and haven't read our N00B Guide or Intermediate Guide then shame on you. Please read them regardless of your level of play. They won't take you long and we simply won't cover topics in this guide already covered in the previous ones. Understanding those previous StarCraft 2 strategy topics is paramount to what is discussed in this guide.

Our goal in this guide is to capture some of the finer points about the game as well as explain some of the more detailed mechanics. We're not saying we can make you a pro player who can start cashing in on tournaments and quit your day job, but we do believe if you apply these principles and show a little perseverance there's no reason you can't hold it down in the top 3 leagues.

We'll finally cover micro management in the first topic. Next>>>