Zerg Tech & Deny Expansion

PvZ - 1v1 - The Shattered Temple

Team 1

protoss logo iconCultSpawN

Team 2

zerg logo iconAugphlosion


What we'll highlight in the strat cast is the abnormal Zerg tech vs. a standard Forge Expand from the Protoss player. The option to tech first by a Zerg player can only be truly successful when you also deny expansions with that increased tech. As a Zerg player you can't afford to get behind in economy so by sacrificing your natural economic advantage up front you need to stay aggressive in your attack and keep them from ever outpacing your economy by punishing their expansions.

We'll also see some nice drop play, and drop defense, along with solid map control and positioning. well positioned Spine Crawlers make a huge difference in the first clash while ranged Hydras keep score with the Stalkers. Always use your high ground to your advantage and keep your opponent having to constantly micro around your every move.

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