TvZ Ghosts

TvZ - 1v1 - Metaloplis

Team 1

terran logo iconFabIntegral

Team 2

zerg logo iconCentum


In this matchup we have 2 phenomenal players go head to head in quite epic fashion. A Grand Masters versus Masters matchup there are more than a few strategy elements that could easily be highlighted and admired. What we'll focus on though is the Ghost play and the use of EMP against Infestors and the power of the cloaked unit in general. Ghosts are the only self-cloaked unit in the game that can attack ground and air and are exceptionally versatile. Don't just use them against Protoss, use them wisely against all races. With Infestors a go-to unit versus Terran, Ghosts can quickly neutralize and render them useless.

Also worth noting is the economy macro of both players, particularly the Terran player. At one point he's playing at over 70 SCVs leaving less than 130 supply for his units. With the production structures he has in place though he's able to constantly and quickly replenish his army making more than adequate use of his remaining supply. Both of them exhibit tremendous map control and appropriately timed expansions.


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