TvT - 1v1 - Metalopolis

Team 1

terran logo iconsCKruxt

Team 2

terran logo iconixmike


In this strat cast we see 2 Terran players go at it with very similar strategies; Siege Tanks, Marines, and Medivacs. What the match comes down to is who has the better Siege Tank micro. Both players are Masters level players and both do a superb job with their builds and unit placement. What we want to highlight in the match is the their obvious understanding of the range of a Siege Tank. This is crucial. Understanding exactly where your Siege Tank can reach is critical both for your own play and when facing Siege Tanks yourself.

So practice your Siege Tank micro and start visually recording the distance on your screen of what their range is. Get comfortable siege'ing them and un-siege'ing them and positioning groups of them for area of effect domination.


sc2replay file icon SC2 Replay File

Note: ICJug Observer match, first game is what's featured, great 2nd match as well... ::BONUS!::