Spine Crawler Contain

PPZTvZZPT - 4v4 - District 10

Team 1

terran logo iconDISHONEST

protoss logo iconIEYESSOILOW

zerg logo iconHONEST

protoss logo iconBowlZackTbaG

Team 2

terran logo iconBLaM

protoss logo iconmomoz

zerg logo iconRecalX

zerg logo iconResilient


A Team Zerg strat showing a nicely executed contain with a supporting rush from his teammates. By laying a Hatchery just outside the opponent's main ramp's visibility the Zerg player is able to spread Creep and build Spine Crawlers. The other teammates move in and the Creep is able to spread up the ramp and the Spine Crawlers can uproot and follow up the ramp.


sc2replay file icon SC2 Replay File