One Good Nydus/h1>

PvZ - 1v1 - Shakuras Plateau

Team 1

zerg logo iconAugphlosion

Team 2

terran logo iconCantroSZ


This Strat Cast is going to look out how to overcome the deadly Terran Mech build as a Zerg player. Both players are high Diamond players and the Terran Mech play from the get go is highly effective. What's crucial is that the Zerg player sticks to his guns and doesn't over react to the Banshee harassment and keeps pumping Roaches while defending with Spore Crawlers. Eventually he gets his Infestors out and it's game on.

The Terran Mech strategy continues to dominate however and it basically boils down to a matter of economics. As a Terran player you can see where adjustments could've been made. By getting a 3rd base sooner and harvesting from his natural expansion more efficiently CantroSZ could've kept things in his favor.

Eventually the base race is on from a crucial Nydus drop in the Terran main. Again, if the Terran player would've micro'ed the Zerg base destruction more efficiently it could've been different but in the end the might of the swarm is just too much.


sc2replay file icon SC2 Replay File