Hatch Attack

ZTTTvTZZZ - 4v4 - Deadlock Ridge

Team 1

zerg logo iconGrumbadfat

terran logo iconGetOnMyLvL

terran logo iconJappie

terran logo iconHeavensRaine

Team 2

zerg logo iconWahGwanItsKC

terran logo iconBLaM

zerg logo iconHustlen

zerg logo iconfansmiling


Lulz are had in this StarCraft 2 strategy where 2 Zerg players on the same team lay down some Hatcheries in an opposing 2 person base area to spread Creep and cause chaos. While this is certainly a cheesy strategy it's definitely one of the funner ones. Creep is a huge part of the Zerg race and its effect of killing areas where your opponent would like to expand is often undersused. It's also hella good and keeping your opponent contained when Spine Crawlers are in the mix.

While I posted this video predominately for the sheer joy of it, don't discount it as a viable strategy and at the very least it may give you some ideas about where to place Hatcheries in the future.

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