Forcefields and Infestors

ZvP - 1v1 - Metalopolis

Team 1

protoss logo iconJaegan

Team 2

zerg logo iconFuzzyLiquid


In this matchup we'll look at the power of the Sentry's Forcefield vs. a speedy Zerg army. Conversely we'll also see how the Zerg economy is extremely powerful and how a handful of Infestors can turn the tides. Undersized ranged Protoss armies can keep pace by well placed Forcefileds trapping units for easy pickings; literally a fish in a barrel approach. The Zerg economy is the fastest growing economy which doubly supports production by allowing additional larvae. If you don't keep pace with it then you're bound to be overwhelmed.

Other things of note in this replay are the careful placement of production structures by the Protoss player creating boundaries to butt Forcefields up against and prevent Speedling harassment. Also note the pace at which the Zerg player expands and how Creep placement allows both vision and speed between all his expansions.


sc2replay file icon SC2 Replay File