2v2 Becomes 1v2

TPvZP - 2v2 - Tempest

Team 1

terran logo iconSisyphus

protoss logo iconDemigodChris

Team 2

protoss logo iconTimon

zerg logo iconPumba


In this video Team 1 loses a player to early aggression from Team 2. There's a turning point where the remaining player on Team 1 realizes that he can no longer assist his teammate whom is then wiped out. Instead he bolsters his own forces with smart unit composition, drops a Planetary Fortress for defense while also trapping some opposing forces at the top of a ramp, and is able to take down both players on Team 2.

By realizing he had the economic advantage due to Team 2's sacrifice for the early rush Sisyphus is able to mass cheap tier 1 units to make his economic advantage an army advantage. By constructing a Planetary Fortress he can move his entire army out knowing there's strong defense back at his main. By timing it right so that Team 2 does not pull ahead in economy or technology Team 1 ultimately prevails.


sc2replay file icon SC2 Replay File