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With the second most technology options available in StarCraft 2, having the right composition for a Protoss player is extremely important. Most games dictate a shift towards Robotics technology with Immortals and Colossi being key units. Dark Templars are another staple unit either mixed in with your army for at least initial extra hits undetected or as a mobile harassment force. Last but not least in your overall strategy decisions is the impressive air armada capped by the one and only Mothership.

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Perhaps one of the greatest units in the game and a technological advantage for the Protoss race is the Observer.

The Observer is a permanently cloaked aerial unit which provides perhaps the greatest visibility, certainly the greatest mobile visibility, in the game.

It is the ultimate scout and no Protoss army should be without a few. Its ability to detect cloaked units is imperative for attacking any army with cloak or burrow abilities as the Observer is your only means of remote detection.

Increasingly popular and powerful are Archons and even much more so with the Shields upgrades from the Forge. They can absorb vast amounts of damage and make great frontline units

A Protoss player needs to primarily stay on top of Gateway unit production. It is these tier 1 and 2 units, the strongest in the game, that will win the match if kept up in great numbers and upgraded sufficiently. In that, Warp Gates are the premier technology along with Blink, Charge, and Forge upgrades. Keep your Gateway units massed and properly supported by Robitics or air units and your technology will be in very good shape.

Lastly we'll discuss the Protoss army, and related strategies, which can be comprised of the toughest units in the game Next>>>

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