Protoss Guide


Hopefully you enjoyed the strategy guide. We wanted to create something that covered all the aspects of the Protoss race that didn't take you a day and a half to read. In that we know that many details were not covered but we hope your now able to think about playing Protoss a bit differently so you can go out there and make the critical, moment to moment, game changing decisions yourself. If you want more details then by all means check out our Builds and check out our Replays where we've got more specific strategies and builds that are ready to immediately employ and are much more granular.

Protoss is a very fun race to play in StarCraft 2, particularly when you're warping in 10 units at a moments notice and you just Chrono Boosted your +3, +3 upgrades. It's a whole difffernt macro ballgame that can sometimes make you wonder how the other races keep up. So if nothing else we hope we've inspired some new fun in playing the race.

Thanks for reading and good luck out there!