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Where Terran have M.U.L.E.s and Reactors and Zerg naturally have 3 larvae and more with Spawn Larva from a Queen a Protoss player has Chrono Boost to bolster their economy and production and Warp Gates to speed and mobilize unit production. In order to keep pace on a macro level with other races in economy a Protoss player needs to be utilizing Chrono Boost as much as possible while also staying on top of unit production from Warp Gates since units cannot be queued.

If you plan on fast expanding as part of your strategy it's imperative that you're bolstering that early economy by Chrono Booting probes right from the beginning. You'll need those early extra minerals to establish a defensive force to protect your early expansion.

Likewise if you're looking to apply early aggression or defend the same in return you'll want to spend your first 2 or 3 Chrono Boosts on Probes and then on Zealot production after that. Remember that every 45 seconds (game time) you'll have an additional 25 energy saved for a Chrono Boost so pay attention and use it as often as possible.

Chrono Boost for the win! Calling all Colossus... er, Colossuses... uh... giant robots report!

Warp Gate research and subsequent transformation of all Gateways is imperative for any Protoss player. Not only does it allow for mobile production of units near any pylon but it's also a boost to your production rate as it allows units to spawn 10 seconds faster than their normal training time. This allows you to use your resources faster and bolster your army faster. The negligible downside is that you can no longer queue unit production but with a little macro management the sacrifice is well worth it.

Technology is very important in any Protoss build so lets spend a little time talking about it Next>>>

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