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For your opening build you may choose to do a safe all-encompassing build that easily transitions based on what the first few moves your opponent makes and what your scouting reveals. You may also plan your first couple moves by building for what your opponent is likely to do based on which race they are.

Whichever your strategy you need to know how you plan to transition down several different paths based on how those opening minutes progress. Having this all planned out ahead of time so you're not second guessing yourself when it comes time to make those decisions is crucial.

Zealots, Stalkers, Sentries

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A common safe opener is a 9 Pylon, first Gateway, into 3 or 4 Gateways while constantly making and chrono boosting Probes. This allows you to have several early Zealots to fend off any early aggression or to apply early aggression yourself.

Grabbing a Cybernetics Core and getting Stalkers and Sentries continues this safe opener in order to defend air, drop Force Fields against Zerg waves, and Guardian Shields for extra protection. If the match stays aggressive an extra Gateway is advised otherwise you can look at securing your first expansion.

Alternatively you can do a 9 pylon, Gateway, and then straight into a Cybernetics Core to get Sentries and Stalkers faster.

Having an early Sentry to drop a Force Field on your ramp is a popular play against Zerg rushes since a single Stalker and the Sentry itself will have the range to pick of those Zerglings.

You'll also have the better range against a Roach rush. Stalkers have +1 range on Marines too so keeping them at bay with a Force Field can be well worth the early Cybernetics Core.

Vs. Zerg

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Make sure you get a wall up on your ramp with either a Gateway and a Pylon or 2 Gateways; leaving a small gap for your first Zealot to fill and your forces to eventually move out from.

Against Zerg a good strategy is to get a Robotics Facility to get Immortals early to deal with any Roaches and have a quick transition to Colossus with the addition of a Robotics Bay. Generally speaking Area of Effect units do very well against a Zerg bio army with Colossus being the supreme unit in that category. High Templars can be used as well though they require more micro management and you should practice with them to get comfortable with this fact first.

By midgame an army comprised of Stalkers and Colossus with the appropriate +1 upgrades for the Stalkers to deal with large Mutalisks balls is very strong. Make sure you have the Extended Thermal Lance upgrade to keep your Colossus well in the back of your pack.

If the Zerg player is going heavy Roaches you can transition back to Immortals quite easily.

Blink for your Stalkers is always imperative in our opinion as it has so many uses; particularly if you get stuck in a Zergling surround being able to Blink out is key.

Vs. Terran

In StarCraft 2 Terran can apply similar pressure as Zerg and you need to be prepared early on to defend that. Zealots, Sentries, and Stalkers (in that order) are your best defense with Zealots being the tougher melee unit and Force Fields being very useful on your ramp to split up an early aggressive Terran force. Keep a Stalker in the back of your base to pick off any Reaper trying to harass your mineral line.

From there Immortals are good units to deal with Marauders and Siege Tanks but the first thing you should get out of your Robotics Facility is an Observer to ensure no Cloaked Banshees are going to ruin your day.

If the Terran player is sticking with a typical bio build you should be getting a Robotics Bay along with your first expansion to get some Colossi in the mix. Since they're easily picked off by Vikings you want to always support them with Stalkers.

Keep Observers on your edges to detect Medivac drops and keep up heavy production of Stalkers.

If Thors start to show up get more Immortals.

While a lot of players are going Void Rays at this point they're really only strongly advised if the Terran player is going heavy tanks. Upgraded Marines and easily produced Vikings are too strong against Voids for them to be very useful. If you do go with an air build to deal with heavy Banshees or even Battlecruisers then Phoenixes are super strong and will allow harassment all over the map due to their speed. Mix in a few Void Rays in this instance as needed.

Vs. Protoss

Gateway units are still very important early on to fend off a typical Protoss build but any PvP game will ultimately come down to who tech'ed better.

Robotics Facility units such as Immortals and Colossus are often the deciding factor. Colossi are effective against every Gateway unit and as the game progresses they become more and more important. Conversely, if your opponent is making this same move you should be massing air with a healthy mix of Phoenixes and Void Rays. Use all the Phoenixes to keep as many Stalkers in the air as possible and let your Void Rays clean up.

Often times it just comes down to who has more Colossi.

I see we think alike... nice cliff

A Dark Templar rush can be very effective against a classic Protoss build lacking detection. Dark Templars are also very strong in the mid game to pick off expansions and remote pylons. If your opponent starts to build in detection go ahead and covert remaining Dark Templars to Archons to rip up any Gateway unit they get in range of and be the frontline meat shield for your army.

Lets move into the mid game. Next>>>

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