Protoss Guide

Mid Game

In the mid game you're looking to build that almighty Protoss deathball. Stalkers and Colossi are the common makeup of the deadly roving ball with Sentries acting as key support units.

Your ability to micro the Sentry's abilities and your Stalker's Blink is very important to any clash you enter.

Always keep the Colossi in the back and pick off any air units targeting them with your Stalkers first and foremost in every duel. It's important to have your Stalkers well upgraded by this point and Observers roaming the map for maximum visibility.

You should have your Gateway units fully upgraded at this point.

If you haven't used DTs up until this point it would be wise to hide a Dark Shrine somewhere and mix some Dark Templars in with your army. Don't send them out to harass at this point. Keep them in your army where they may go undetected as you clash in battle if your opponent isn't keeping an Observer in the mix since they haven't seen a need to yet.

If your opponent is using a similar strategy mix in as many Immortals as possible to gain the edge.

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