Protoss Guide

Late Game

Protoss Gateway units are tough enough to deal with any advanced Protoss air units out there, particularly with careful micro. Stalkers can chase down Void Rays with Blink and because they're armored Void Rays can't get a good charge on them. Late games often come down to Robotics units and supply.

So be aggressive in controlling the map, protect expansions with Photon Cannons and Dark Templars; the Cannons will pick off any Observers they might have and your DTs can clean up.

Establish map control and invest in Robotics units, Stalkers, and Sentries and you should do well in any PvP late game.

Sneaky Mothership sneaks...

The Mothership is always a fan favorite in StarCraft 2 to call in for the late game and its supporting role cannot be underscored. If you're using it because you think its cloak alone will turn the tide then you're mistaken as any player will have some amount of mobile detection at this stage in the game. Particularly a Terran player will have a scan or 2 ready to drop. That being said the Passive Cloak will force your opponent to micro more and is still an advantage in battle.

What you should be using a Mothership for is its Vortex and Mass Recall. At the onset of any battle drop a Vortex on your opponent immediately to remove a cluster of their army from play. Trickier to use is the Mass Recall, in an offensive manner, to get your entire army up a cliff and into your opponent's base, especially since the Mothership is so slow. If you can manage to sneak a Mothership in though it can be highly effective.

With any late game strategy you want to be constantly producing well upgraded units and have your map control well established. We believe the early and mid game should be dominated by ground units from Gateways and Robitics Facilities and these unit type will play well into the late game. But look at incorporating air forces to cover more of the map. Strong economy and superior macro are what the late game is always most about.

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