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What will ultimately win you the game is the Protoss army, the main force of which is commonly referred to as a Protoss Deathball and with good reason. While the Zerg stand on their economy and massive numbers and a Terran player will lean on their diverse technology and specialized units it is the Protoss army that is the race's strongest pillar. With the toughest units in StarCraft 2 and Chrono Boost and Warp Gates to bolster their production the sheer might of a Protoss army can overwhelm armies twice their size if comprised properly.

The almighty Deathball awaits your command sir

Gateway units should be properly upgraded from the Forge and be the main meat of your deathball. In that, Warp Gates are a must if used little more than to speed production time. You've got to be on top of your macro to keep units in constant production since you cannot queue their production.

Every time you expand you should be building additional Gateways to allow yourself to warp in more and more units at a moment's notice.

Stalkers are the preferred backbone of any Protoss army with ranged attack and the primary anti air unit for the race. Blink is a crucial upgrade as is Charge for your Zealots if they're a chosen army composition unit. Do not go into any mid game or later battle without these 2 upgrades.

The Robotics Facility and the Robotics Bay comprise the most popular path of technology for a Protoss player. The reason being is that Immortals are very strong against armored units and base structures for any midgame push and the Colossus is very strong against any bio composition you might face. No Protoss deathball is complete without a couple Colossi in the back with the Extended Thermal Lance upgrade.

Many a game has been won with heavy stalkers in the front and Colossi in the back with any extra minerals dumped on Zealots. The combination is insanely strong and often dominates on the first push out. Use your Stalkers and Zealots to absorb and dish out any frontline damage while the Colossi ignite your opponent from the rear. If any air or other units sneak around to snipe the Colossi Blink in with your Stalkers to defend. Air units should be targeted first because the longer your Colossi are in action the more assured your domination will be.

Air should either be rushed to harass with Phoenixes while you mix in some Void Rays and a healthy ground force or it should be used in response to an opponent turtling with Siege Tanks, Spine Crawlers, Colossi, or other ground area of effect units. While the Protoss air fleet is versatile it can quickly be countered by equal cost Vikings or Corruptors; this includes Phoenixes, Void Rays, and Carriers alike. So air is best used when your opponent is going ground and then when they counter air you should be one step ahead having already transitioned back to ground. Going air, ground, air, ground, etc is a common tactic and works well as a Protoss player.

As things progress from mid to late game strategies the Protoss air armada can become superior in great numbers. If you can mass Void Rays in the late game their combined Prismatic Beams become exponentially effective and particularly so against massive units. The same is true of Carriers as with only 7 interceptors in the air a Carrier is comparably weak but with multiples of 7 in the air an auto targeting opponents will get thrown off and overwhelmed. So while not great in the short game or mid game the Protoss air fleet can dominate in the late game.

One on one a Protoss player just has stronger units, period. So keep up you numbers throughout the game, pick your upgrades wisely, and supplement with Robotics Facility units and air units as needed and the might of the Protoss army will prevail.

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