Protoss Build Orders

Here you will find build orders SC2Strat.Net has published for the Protoss race. Some are unique to the site, some are classics, and some are variations on those classics. All builds will have the full "recipe" text, details, transition options, and an accompanying video. They are organized by which race they play the best against. In that, you may find the same build in 2 different columns when a build is suited well against 2 different races. If a build is strong against all races it will be in the Random column. All builds have variations that make them well suited for any style or play of opponent so don't hesitate to check out every build regardless of how it is categorized.

Got a build you want to send us? Please include the "recipe" text and summary and send it to us! We'll review it and if it's worthy we'll do a full write up on it, create a video, and give you all the glorious credit.


random logo icon Vs. Random

terran logo iconVs. Terran

zerg logo iconVs. Zerg