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Rally Points

Meet up before you move out!

A basic StarCraft 2 strategy concept is setting rally points. By simply selecting a structure, or a group of structures, and left clicking on another point on the map, any unit produced from that structure will automatically move to that point as soon as it's produced. You don't want your units lying around near their production structure so it's always a good idea to rally them to your ramp or whatever defensive point you want them to take up.

Alright, rallied to Bill, let's not let him die this time

If you've got an army on the move you can actually create a rally point on another unit in the army and as soon as the new units are produced they'll rally to meet up with your army, provided that unit you rallied to is still alive.

We'll work on how to create multiple rally points for your entire army, for both movement and attacking, next. Next>>>

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