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You need to keep the amount of unit producing structures you have constructed to an amount you can actually consistently produce from. Often time's players will lay down a large number of barracks or gateways as part of their strategy which allow them to produce a large army in spurts, but many of the structures lay dormant while awaiting more minerals to be harvested.

Conversely, the more common mistake that players make in StarCraft 2 is not having enough production structures.

When you expand and get a second base up and running you need to increase your production structures two-fold. The rule of thumb is 4 production buildings per active mineral patch.

Just because a building has 5 queue slots for units doesn't mean it's a good idea to keep them full. The average payoff for building a new structure and producing those units twice as fast is realized on the 2nd unit (4th total, or x*2+2) you produce from that new structure.

Ok, I think we're ready to start training marines...

Let's look at how rally points can help keep your units organized. Next>>>

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