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Pick One Race

Which will you choose?

When you're starting out online with StarCraft 2 you should stick with one race; Terran, Protoss, or Zerg. It doesn't matter which one you want to learn with but you should stick to a single race and get very comfortable with it and the associated strategies before playing around with other races.

Each race has its own set of hotkeys, tech trees, and nuances that each take time to fully understand and develop. If you're jumping around from race to race without covering the basics of just a single race you won't progress at the rate you should and will likely become frustrated with your play.

Blizzard has done a good job at balancing the races pretty evenly in StarCraft 2 so don't try and seek out a race you think is better than the others. There is no superior or dominant race in the game. There may however be one that is more suited to your initial style of play so we recommend playing against the computer as each race until you find one you're comfortable with.

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