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For this StarCraft 2 strategy guide we'll only discuss one major tip in terms of moving your army around the map. The Shift Key, use it!

If you simply tell your army to go from point A to point Z each unit will attempt to decide what the best path for them to do so is. This means you could have half your army take one path while the other half takes a slightly different path. Your army will also attempt to get directly there where as you may want them to move around the outside and approach from a specific angle.

By using the shift key you can set multiple points you want you army to travel to and add a level of granularity to the path they take. You might know that your opponent has tanks along their cliff edge and so by shift+clicking you can tell your army to walk as far away from their cliff edge as possible while approaching their base. You can do this on the mini map too so that you're not trying to scroll all over the battlefield.

You sure this is the best way there boss?

This works for attacking as well. With you army selected you can shift+click individual units or structures of your opponent's and your army will attack each individually in the order you specified.

This strategy works well in combat for ensuring your army takes out units, one by one, to reduce the damage they're inflicting on you. It also works well for leveling a base and giving you time to attend to other things knowing that your army will destroy each structure you selected for them to destroy without you having to babysit their every movement.

First we kill their army, then we hit their gates, and then we can go bowling, Frank

From here we'll talk briefly about Macro. Next>>>

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