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You'll hear this term thrown around quite a bit in the StarCarft 2 universe. Macro is essentially your overall ability to grow a healthy economy, spend those resources quickly, and build and manage your army.

Good macro strategy means you're always producing units, you have the right amount of structures to produce units constantly without building up large amounts of income, and you're expanding when appropriate to ensure a constant flow of income. You should be able to constantly increase your production capabilities and have the resources to support that.

In terms of this guide it is only important to have this level of understanding about macro. Be mindful as you're playing as to how many stored resources you're accumulating (you want to keep it as low as possible) and what your production rates are.

A general strategy tip is that you should have 4 production structures per base. If you're able to constantly produce from your structures at this ratio this is a good sign your macro is on the right track. We'll discuss macro more in depth in the next guide.

Check out our Practice section as well for pointers on how to improve your Macro and other gameplay tactics.

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