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Keyboard Shortcuts / Hotkeys

Just about anything you can do with a mouse click in StarCraft 2 you can do with a keyboard key. Using the keyboard as much and as often as possible will shave time off your builds, allow you to produce units more effectively and quickly, and ultimately allow you spend your resources faster to build up your army. It's just better strategy. In the later guides we will discuss how keyboard shortcuts can help in battle but for now we're going to focus on production.

Hover over any menu icon to discover its assigned hotkey

Every unit or structure has an assigned hotkey. You can see what these are by pulling up the build menu for the given unit or structure and hovering over the icon associated with the action you want take. At the end of the word you'll see the hotkey letter in white inside of brackets.

Building Structures

Since there are 3 clicks involved with building every structure (selecting a worker, selecting basic or advanced, and then selecting the structure) it's much faster to build structures by using keyboard shortcuts.

Let's look at an example when playing as Terran:

  • Select an SCV
  • Hit "B" to build a basic structure
  • Hit "B" to build a barracks
  • Place your barracks with a left click
B + B + click; Barracks down!

Building structures in this manner is much faster and allows you to get your base up to par and building your army quicker.


Similar to building structures in StarCraft 2 it is faster and more efficient to build your army using hotkeys.

If you have 3 barracks and wanted to produce marines from each of them it would become impractical to click one, click the marine icon, click the next barracks, do the same, and so on. So let's take what we learned in the 2 previous sections and put them together in an example.

If you've got your 3 barracks assigned to control group "2" you can simply do the following to begin pumping out marines:

  • Hit "2" to select all your barracks
  • Hit "A" as many times as you need to produce marines
Training combat-ready marines has never been so easy

This segways nicely into our next section: Production Next>>>

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