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Control Groups

Every time you lay down a unit producing structure you should create a control group or add it to an existing one. There are exceptions to this such as Warp Gates for Protoss already having an assigned hotkey, but in general this is a good strategy.

For example, as Terran, if you want to use "1" to map to your Command Center you would select your Command Center and hit Ctrl+1. Now every time you need to access you Command Center you can simply hit "1".

Say you've got 3 barracks on the field. Select all 3 of them (you can double click one, Ctrl+click, Shift+click, or drag box) and hit Ctrl+2. Now every time you want to access all of your barracks you can simply hit "2". When you build another barracks you'll want to add it to the "2" control group. Simply hit "2", Shift+click the new barracks, and hit Ctrl+2 to add the new structure to the group.

That is just an example of how to assign structures to control groups. By no means are we saying you have to use numbers 1, 2, 3 etc. Use whatever numbers you're comfortable with and can easily remember. However, stick with the same numbers consistently so you'll start to have that burned in memory of what number you can hit to produce what unit(s) you need.

Having all your production structures assigned to control groups is extremely important for quickly producing new units in StarCraft 2.

Now we'll look at taking this same strategy of using your keyboard for as much as possible by using keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys Next>>>

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