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Understanding the Zerg Race

The Swarm as it's often referred to is a pure biological race; though they do have armored units comparable to other races. They are the common enemy of the Terran and Protoss as their scourge seeks to engulf the Core Worlds of the StarCraft 2 universe. Let's break down some of their strengths and weaknesses and see how we can employ effective strategies on both ends.


Speed and Mobility

Zerg are the speediest and most mobile race in the game. It's tough to sneak up on or surprise an army that can turn around on a dime and be wherever needed to engage. This fact, along with unit cost, means that the Zerg can employ the most pressure of any race in the game.

Zerg is the ideal race to rush with and harass with and can keep the opponent on their guard for the entire match.

Unit Cost and Production

Zerg units are the cheapest in StarCraft and can be produced very quickly given a hatchery can pump 3 units at once, and with additional larvae spawned by the Queen, 7-19 units at once. Your ability to quickly build an offensive army plays well defensively too making it easier to expand and spread your creep across the map.

By far the easiest race to macro with since all units are born from the Hatchery and you only need a single unit structure for additional technology. This means Zerg army can adapt and mass quickly. If scouting reveals a unit type a Zerg was unprepared for they can quickly add the necessary technology structure and begin pumping those units from the Hatchery.


They never saw it coming...

The Burrow ability allows all Zerg land units to burrow underground effectively becoming cloaked from the enemy. Roaches and Infestors can move while burrowed and Infestors can stay burrowed while casting/attacking. Banelings can also detonate while burrowed.

This is the widest cloak ability of any race and is doubly beneficial while burrowed on Creep allowing units to heal while cloaked from the enemy.


Unit Health

Though Zerg units are quick to build and cheap they are also easier to kill. A good Zerg player knows the breaking point of when to withdraw as though a Zerg army often starts out with more units than the opponent that can quickly change and they can be overwhelmed by tougher stronger enemy units.

Even though Zerg is easier to macro with that player has to be ahead in the macro game to keep the balance and ultimately win the match because an equal sized Zerg army will not win the day.

It burns!!

Structures Restricted to Creep

The Zerg base can only be built on creep. This means they cannot wall off their main base ramp, proxy rush any area, or hide buildings effectively from scouts. The Zerg make up for this with their high mobility and speed but it still leaves some early game maneuvers vulnerable to attacks and scouting.

It's also worth noting here that drones must be sacrificed when building a structure meaning they'll need to be reproduced to keep the same level of resources flowing in.

Wait… what are we doing? Where are we going? No Creep out here!

We'll do a wrap up on all 3 races Next>>>

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