Intermediate Guide

Understanding the Terran Race

The human race in the game is the Terran. With Wings of Liberty being the first campaign in StarCraft 2 which is from the perspective of the Terran race, as well as other factors, this is arguably the most common race played. Let's take a deeper look at strengths and weaknesses of the race and how we can employ effective strategies on both sides.


Mobile Production Structures

All unit production structures, aside from any attached tech lab or reactor, are able to lift off the ground and relocate as needed.

This allows for the safer construction of new Command Centers, which can also thusly transport up to 5 workers with them, inside your base walls prior to floating it to the desired expansion mineral patch.

It also serves as a defensive tactic to any enemy ground units trying to destroy the structure as you can simply lift off.

Lastly it allows to you "hot-swap" between reactors and tech labs as gameplay progresses and you want to quickly change the attached structure. This is also useful when building new structures as you can pre-build the desired attachment on another structure while the current one is in being constructed.

Also worth note is that Terran structures can be built anywhere without requiring a pylon for energy or creep for placement which makes them highly useful for proxy builds which can be abandoned if needed without losing the structure.

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Army Composition Flexibility

The Terran race and associated tech tree has the most number of units, upgrade options, and build paths of any race. While this means that certain units are more specialized and only effective in certain areas it also means that you have the most offensive and defensive options available to you.

You have units that attack with great damage and range, but are immobile. You have units such as Medivacs that do zero damage but support your biological units.

A Terran player can use many different units throughout the course of a match to keep their army compositions fresh and adaptive.


I reckon these Hellions are well looked after

SCVs and MULEs are the only units in StarCraft 2 that can repair structures or mechanical units.

Not only can they repair your own structures and units but they can repair any friendly mechanical unit or structure. Note that all Zerg units and structures are biological and Protoss structures are not considered mechanical so we're only talking about friendly Terran structures and Terran and Protoss mechanical units.

The MULE's ability to be air dropped makes mobile repairs possible.


Burning Buildings

That should take of that…

Terran is the only race where only 67% of the structure has to be destroyed before it catches fire and will ultimately burn to the ground if not repaired. This allows an opponent to quickly level, or ensure the demise of, a base with no SCVs in area.

Unit Health

Terran units cannot self-heal. Protoss units and buildings have shields that regenerate, Zerg units and structures heal over time on the creep, but Terran units remain at their current hit points unless healed by a medivac or repaired by an SCV; both of which cost the player either energy or resources and are not automatic.

Terran units also have relatively low health for their cost. Take the 100 mineral equivalent in all race units. 2 Marines have a combined health of 90 while 1 Zealot has a health (health+shield) of 150 and 4 Zerglings (2 pairs) have a combined health of 140. Comparatively the cheaper Roach has 25 more health points than a Marauder which has 35 less health points than an only slightly more expensive Stalker.

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