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Understanding the Protoss Race

With their psionic abilities and advanced technology the Protoss race has many weapons and strategies at their disposal. With the ability to speed production through chrono boosting and the mobility afforded by Warp Gates the typically slow to build Protoss army can quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Let's look at some specifics.


The Almighty Probe

The probe is easily the best worker in StarCraft 2. It's got a ranged attack and a shield making it a nearly combat ready unit and certainly the best unit in any worker on worker dual.

Perhaps the best thing about the probe is that it can lay down multiple structures at once. Where an SCV is tied up until the structure is complete, a drone is completely sacrificed in the building of a structure, a single probe can begin construction of as many buildings as there are resources available all at once

With enough resources and pre-pylon placement this makes expanding a nice package where a probe can lay a Nexus and several photon cannons all at once for a protected expansion base.

If Rome had Probes it would've been built in a day

Warp Gates

The ability to generate new units wherever a pylon, or better yet a mobile warp prism, is set can be a huge advantage in keeping pressure on an enemy. Warp prisms in particular allow you to drop ship units transported in it and then once set can allow you to warp in as many new units as you have gates to support making it a potentially sizable mobile force to reckon with.

Warp gates are a must for any Protoss player and provide great map control, mobility, and drastically reduced production times.

When did the Protoss get a holodeck!?

Unit Strength and Health

Typically speaking a Protoss unit is tougher than its comparable tiered unit of any other race. This is in large part due to their regenerative shield but pound for pound a Protoss unit is just tougher. Although Protoss units are strong, they are also very expensive. The term "Protoss Deathball" exists for the simple reason a small to medium sized ball of a well comprised Protoss army is a force to reckon with, or maybe just avoid.


Slow Build Times

Early Protoss units have a longer build time in general. Combined times for 100 minerals worth of units when you take into account their production structure leaves 1 Zealot at 103, 2 Marines at 110, and 4 Zerglings (2 pairs) at 89. Stalkers come in at 42 to Marauders 30 and a Roach's 27. Since additional Gateways are 65 to a Barracks 60, and Zerg doesn't need additional production stuctures, this becomes an exponential factor as well. Cost plays a factor in time as well though Probes can be Chrono Boosted.

This is only limiting in the early game as with Warp Gates production time is decreased and Chrono Boost can assist as energy is stored.


Protoss units are more expensive than most other races in StarCraft 2. This is balanced with their strength, damage per second, health, and armor but it's still worth noting the cost involved in building a Protoss army. Units also tend to be more reliant on gas than other races forcing a protoss player to spend income early on for Assimilators.

Powered Structures

It's getting very dark around here...

The Protoss base's reliance on pylons to power its structures means that knocking out pylons can power down Protoss structures making them dormant and unable to produce units, abilities, or upgrades. Taking out pylons is a doubly punishing strategy in terms of both reducing supply and shutting down buildings. Pylons are often targeted by the enemy to quickly neutralize a Protoss base.

Lastly we'll examine the Zerg race. Next>>>

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