Intermediate Guide

Understanding Each Race Wrap Up



  • Mobile structures useful for expansion base construction inside secure walls; proxy builds
  • Army composition is highly flexible with the most unit choices in the game
  • SCVs ability to repair friendly mechanical units makes them a great addition in battle


  • Buildings begin burning at 33% health and will be destroyed if not repaired
  • Units cannot self-heal or regenerate



  • Probes are the ultimate worker in the game; have ranged attack, can begin construction on multiple structures with a single unit
  • Warp gates and prisms allow remote deployment of new units, helps with keeping pressure, drastically reduces Gateway unit training times
  • Units 1 on 1 are tougher than other races


  • Early units' build times are slower than other races until Warp Gates are researched
  • Units are more expensive on average, heavier reliance on gas
  • Structures have to be powered by a pylon and thusly can be powered down when pylons are destroyed doing double damage to supply and production



  • Most mobile race and has some of the fastest units making it difficult for opponents to surprise attack; ideal to rush and harass with
  • Units are very cheap by comparison allowing for large numbers to be accumulated quickly; easier macro overall with every unit being produced by the Hatchery and less tech structures needed
  • Burrow ability is the widest implementation of cloaking in the game applicable to all Zerg ground units; 2 of which can move while burrowed and 2 of which can attack while burrowed.


  • Units have lower health points than most and while they often overwhelm in numbers the tables can quickly turn when faced with tougher enemies
  • Structures are limited to being constructed on creep which means ramps cannot be walled and buildings cannot be hidden making early aggression and scouting easier for opponents


After all that it is very important to state that there is no superior race. Every race has it's pros and cons and it's those differences that make the game fun and ever changing, but those differences also keep the game balanced. You are likely to find yourself more comfortable with a specific race and that's great, but by no means does that mean you or your opponent would be less effective with another race.

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